May/June 2013

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Meet Myra Wolfe

Myra Wolfe is the author of the picture book Charlotte Jane Battles Bedtime and is an experienced bedtime battler herself. By day, she writes stories and plays with her kids. By night, she bakes treats
at the family coffee shop. She doesn’t like to ride in boats and she isn’t very daring, but she admires pirates and their gusto. Instead of sailing the high seas or swashbuckling with rogues, Myra likes cozy activities like reading, baking cookies, and knitting sweaters for her kids. She is a fan of squooshy chairs, the sound of rain on the roof, wood stoves, and staying up late.

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Meet the Author

Nick Glass of interviewed Scott Nash in Portland, Maine, on September 6, 2012.

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Additional Resources

  • Standards
    McREL correlations for May/June Curriculum Connections and Library Lessons
  • Storytime
    Get Some Rest!
  • Keep ’em Reading
    Three New “Rs” for Kids: Rest, Renew, Recharge
  • Library Lessons
    Summer’s Comin’—Water Fun & Safety, too
  • Curriculum Connections
    “Stress and Relaxation” Discussion Prompts; Fairy Tale Versions Guide; Sleep Fiction Project Guide; Dream Research Topics
  • Library Lessons
    Blackout Creative Cards” reproducibles
  • Keep ’em Reading
    Resources for Benito’s Dream Bottle activity and No Sleep for the Sheep activity

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