November 2014

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Core Focus: Putting Common Core into Action

This monthly column presents three award-winning children’s books, one for each of three grade bands (K–1, 2–3, 4–5), along with activities to use in the library that target specific Common Core standards in reading, writing, and speaking. Lexile level and text complexity are taken into consideration in selecting the titles. In addition, all questions are written in language appropriate to the developmental level of the child in each grade band.


Meet the Author’s complete interview with Tonya Bolden.

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Additional Resources

  • Character Ed
    Extension Activity for Have You Filled a Bucket Today?
  • Curriculum Connections
    Speech Competition Scoring activity‚ Debate It! Guidelines for Classroom Debate
  • Fiction/Nonfiction
    Gratitude Chart
  • Tips from the Trenches
    Flannel/Magnetic Board instructions‚ Sequence Cards for Substitute Groundhog
  • Keep’em Reading
    Puppets and Picture Books‚ Stick Puppet templates‚ Storytelling Techniques‚ Poetry Anthologies‚ Get Personal: Mini Memories worksheet
  • Library Lessons
    Abe Lincoln’s Jobs activity with job ranking activity cards; A Penny for Your Thoughts activity‚ Abraham Lincoln’s Wise Words visual and worksheets‚ Extension Activities for Abe Lincoln’s Dream
  • Storytime
    Rob Reid’s Top 10 Hello Songs list and more book recommendations
  • Technology
    One-liners activity‚ Special Cases suggestions
  • Strengthen Your Core
    Debate Terms and Persuasive Techniques posters‚ Suggested Debate Topics‚ Debating Team Procedures‚ Debating Team Rubric
  • Gaining STEAM
    Phases of the Moon worksheet

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