October 2014

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Technology: Wooing Disengaged Readers

Elementary librarians strive to pass their passion for reading to the students who stroll through the stacks. But not every student responds. Some children fail to hear reading’s siren call from any of the materials stocked on the library shelves. How can a librarian woo the children who can’t, don’t, or won’t read?


Meet the Author

TeachingBooks.net’s complete interview with James Dean.

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LibrarySparks Talks to …

Author and librarian Mike Jung has become a leader in the We Need Diverse Books movement, a campaign to raise awareness of the need for more diversity in children’s and young adult literature. We spoke to him about the campaign and the role of librarians in supporting diversity.

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Additional Resources

  • Character Ed
    Off the Shelves book review template
  • Curriculum Connections
    What’s to Love about Reading discussion prompts, Independent Reading Survey sample topics and questionnaire
  • Fiction/Nonfiction
    Such a Character! graphic organizer
  • Fiction/Nonfiction
    Biography Exploration chart, “Before They Were Famous” (from LS November 2008)
  • Freebies, Doodads & Helpful Hints
    Halloween Riddle, Bunnicula Challenge
  • Keep’em Reading
    Tips for Reading Aloud to Children handout
  • Library Lessons
    School Workers Rhyme Time Riddles visual and activity sheet, Bar Graph Terms visual, Graphing in the Library activity with Miss Brooks’s Favorites visuals and assessment activity sheet
  • Storytime
    Rob Reid’s All-Time Favorite Alphabet and Counting Books to Share in Storytime
  • Technology
    Evaluating Digital Resources sample evaluation form

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